Our group chose to write about lesbian feminism because the lesbian feminists weren’t always represented by the main feminist movement. We wanted to look into the faults of feminism and its weakness regarding the lack of support for all women. We decided not to look at any critiques of lesbian feminism because they are already a very repressed group and it’s in the nature of feminism to include and empower all women.

We broke down lesbian feminism into Lesbian Demonstrations, Black Lesbian Feminism, The Furies, Separatist Communities, and Lesbian Feminism Throughout Time. We knew naturally that a digital archive should be broken into subdivisions, and we each had a small section of the Lesbian Feminist Movement we wanted to focus on. There were many women involved in the Lesbian Feminist movement, and we wanted to make sure all parts were represented.

Macy chose Lesbian Demonstrations because those acts allowed them to get media attention as the first step in making an impact. Sarah chose Black Lesbian Feminism because this was the stepping stone towards acknowledging intersectionality in the feminist movement. Jimena chose The Furies because they had very specific goals as to what they wanted to accomplish. The Furies had a very clear plan and were representative of the lesbian movement as a whole due to their promotion of resistance. Samantha chose Lesbian Separatist Communities because they demonstrated groups of women that lived independently and invested in their own creative individuality. Will chose Lesbian Feminism Throughout Time because it’s important to acknowledge the historical aspect of the entire movement in order to understand the way it is today and the origins that laid its foundation.

We feel that lesbian feminism represents the core values of feminism. They rejected men as a form of resistance to the patriarchy and oppression of women. They had no conflict of interest with this and were all willing to devote themselves to the feminist lifestyle. The lesbian feminists represent a group that was not necessarily represented by the feminist movement but took it upon themselves to make themselves included and fight for what they needed.